Smartphones Apps

Smartphones are the Smarter Way to comunicate!


Smartphones the Smarter Way!

We have worked a app partner who has been building apps for Smartphones since 2007, on the Apple platform initially and worked out way into developing for the newly emerging Android platform.


iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Development

We do IOS!

The app team has worked extensively with the Apple mobile platform for both iPhone and iPad through the development of many creative and unique Apps for our customers.

We have plenty of experience working with Apple products and know them inside-out. This means we can develop exactly the App your client needs. Apps are reasonably inexpensive too and make excellent gadgets, give-aways and communication tools.


Google Android

We are quickly loving this relatively new operating system. The apple platform is fantastic and the most popular, however the Android system gives people the ability to be more creative and develop apps that would never be allowed through Apple’s tight App Store control.


Which do I choose?

There’s many pros and cons between the two operating systems, but if you have an idea, it should be on both platforms. Both the Apple App Store and Android Market Place have free and paid-for apps of all kinds.


Full Confidentiality

We understand as with any new business idea you need to protect your ideas. We are more than comfortable with signing non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before we discuss your ideas.