silverstripe widgets

silverstripe Widgets

Blog Archive

Show a list of months or years in which there are blog posts, and provide links to them.

Blog Management

Provide a number of links useful for administering a blog. Only shown if the user is an admin.

RSS Feed

Downloads another page's RSS feed and displays items in a list.

Subscribe via RSS widget

Shows a link allowing a user to subscribe to this blog via RSS.

Tag Cloud

Shows a tag cloud of tags on your blog.

Calendar Widget

Show a calendar widget with links to events.

HTML Content

Adds HTML content to the widget sidebar. (Save and refresh the page if you cannot see the text editor field.)

Display Poller

Displays the poll questions you defined.

Pages Most Visited

Shows the pages most visited by all users in reverse chronological order

Recent Uploads

Display any number of recent file uploads.


Shows pages in any language that link to yours using Backlinkr

Event Countdown

Display a countdown to an event.

IE 6 detection

Detects if a user is using IE6 (or earlier!), and presents a warning if they do.

Language Chooser

Allows you to choose your language

Latest Blog Entries

Show a list of latest blog entries.

Latest Event Entries

Show a list of latest event entries.

Latest Forum Posts

This widget displays latest forum post on the side bar, you need to install the Forum module to make use of this Widget

Latest Pages

Shows the 5 latest pages to be added/edited on the site

Latest Pages Visited

Shows the latest pages visited by the user in reverse chronological order


Puts links into the side bar for you blog readers to access. Please remember to put http:// before links unless they are internal links.

Popular Blog Posts

List of most popular blog posts, ranked by number of comments.

Single Content

Adds content from a child page to the widget sidebar.