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Award winning Content Management System. As a registered Silverstripe Developer and can give your website one of the most flexible and advanced CMS systems around

At the heart of all our sites is an award winning cutting edge Content Management System . The CMS is the engine at the heart of any high performance site architecture. With over 450,000 installs of the SilverStripe CMS in circulation worldwide you can be sure of a stable solution.

Silverstripe CMSMost promising Open Source CMS in the 2008 PacktPub Open Source CMS Awards and as a registered Silverstripe Developer and can give your client one of the most flexible and advanced CMS systems around, and its SEO friendly. One of the many strengths of the CMS (content management system) is its flexibility of integration into any front end design and can handle Ajax and Flash with in the content management system.

This flexibility allows creative agencies to produce the sites their clients need and without compromise. The system also has a modular PHP frame work making development of functionality fast and efficient. This means that most of the features that you would need to offer your clients are standard, making specification, costing and delivery simple.

Innovative open source CMS and framework

SilverStripe 2.4 Site Editing Overview from SilverStripe on Vimeo.

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Obvious Benefits

With the SilverStripe CMS, website editors don't need be familiar with complex web applications—or even know HTML. You can get started in very little time—a typical training session with one of our clients takes no more than an hour or two. You and your staff can quickly start taking advantage of powerful features. For example, you can:

Most promising Open Source CMS in the 2008 PacktPub Open Source CMS Awards and As a registered Silverstripe Developer and can give your client one of the most flexible and advanced CMS systems around

  • Create new pages and drag and drop them where you want them to be in the sitemap.
  • Edit and style content in an editor that uses a formatting toolbar that is familiar to anyone who uses word processing software.
  • Easily insert links, images, Flash animations, and video into your content.
  • Copy and paste content directly from Microsoft Word.
  • View a draft of your content changes before publishing them on the live site.
  • Publish multiple changes to your site with one click.
  • Assign different user roles and permissions for each section or page of your site.
  • View older versions of a page, and roll back to a previous version, if needed.

In addition to these editing features, the SilverStripe CMS generates search-engine friendly and accessible websites. Your website will be easily found by search engines and used by visitors with different abilities and technical setups. All these features are included in the SilverStripe CMS out of the box.

Open source:

Ten years since its launch, there are currently over 436,000 copies of the SilverStripe CMS and framework in circulation worldwide. Software developers like us actively contribute, develop new features and track bug fixes back to the open source product we use as the "base" when we build a website for you. There are many other UK based developers and the base language is PHP which is the most common development language on the web.

Microsoft Certification,

SilverStripe CMS the first ever open source web app to become Microsoft Certified

Microsoft CertificationMicrosoft's Certified for Windows programme is well known for indicating software and hardware products that have been thoroughly tested and which work well on Microsoft Windows. Of course, much of the innovation in the software world is now happening on the web, and with awareness and adoption of open source software growing fantastically, it makes sense for Microsoft to begin certifying open source web-based software.

The SilverStripe CMS and framework has seen over ten years of evolution. Open sourcing the software has led to support from Google, Sun/MySQL, Microsoft, public global software awards:

The software has no license fees, and doesn't rely on software with license fees, which means the project we build for you will remain cost-effective. The documentation and code repositories are public which allows developers around the world to stay familiar with the software as it improves. And ongoing support for prior versions of SilverStripe is likely to continue for a very long time.

Currently, the CMS and application framework are being translated into dozens of languages thanks to the efforts of developers all over the planet. Please see for more details.

Open-sourcing the base product has made it more secure. Since it was released, there have been numerous notifications and patches relating to security issues and potential attack vectors from community of developers. Two particular areas of focus are SQL injection and cross-site scripting. With hundreds of thousands of copies of the open source software in circulation so far, this has led to the identification and resolution of issues that would be very difficult to solve with closed, proprietary software.

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