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Email marketing combined with the website CMS system can create a powerful marketing tool. You create content on your site, you create dynamic emails targeting the web content and monitor who clicks.


The Basics


Specify Goals

What, specifically, are you trying to accomplish with your business? And how, specifically, will your emails get you there?

If you can’t answer these questions clearly, it’s time to take five, grab a pen and do a little brainstorming.

And if you need a place to start planning your strategy, use this article as a map.


Measure Results

If you’re trying to develop a cult following in a radical, narrow niche, you wouldn’t focus on keeping your unsubscribe rate low. If you’re trying to spread a message and build a like-minded community, your sales rate is perhaps not as important as how many unique opens, your messages get.

So take a look at all the ways you can measure what your emails are accomplishing. Which show your progress clearly and directly?


Create Relationships 

Yes, we write about this one a lot. Because if your subscribers don’t have a relationship with you, they won’t care what you have to say. 

So design your emails to spark their interest. Then grow their trust.

How? Find ways to make your marketing transparent. Invite your readers to your social profiles. Listen to what they want. 

And watch this video interview of lifestyle revolutionist Chris Guillebeau to find out how to use your emails to build a community.


Be Effective

To get ahead, you’ll need to cast any clunky or broken processes overboard. So search them out. Can you replace them with methods that produce the same results faster? Better? At less cost?

Finding ways to create emails efficiently can help. So can automating how your lists interact.

But the real secret here is to never declare this task finished. Your target is “being better.” And every time you hit it, you’ll find a new distance to aim for.

Charting Your Course

Thinking about your campaign on this abstract level will shift your perspective. Instead of mindlessly traveling along your current course, you’ll know just where you are and where to step next.

How often do you take time as a marketer to think about the big picture? What questions do you ask yourself?



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