Making Technology Work for you

Making Technology Work for you

How to Make Technology Work for Your Small Business

In decades past, small and start-up businesses were constrained by budgets and cash flow. There were limits to the reach they could extend into the marketplace, with cost barriers.

The cost of operating on a large scale was beyond the reach of small businesses, and equipment and technology came at a high price. Today, however, technology has done a lot to even the playing field for the smaller guys.

The Internet and technology has opened up an avenue for small businesses to reach global markets just as effectively as huge corporations. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can make technology work for you.

Smaller business has a better opportunity


Keep Operations Lean and Cost Effective

Do I need a big office, do all my staff need to work from one location?

More and more business’s are working from home or smaller premises. Much less business is done face-to-face (cost of mobility) so it may not necessary to have an large office overhead.

Just need a desk and chair, an internet and phone connection, and perhaps a plug for the coffee machine. Using technology, you can operate your business from just about anywhere. You don’t even need to be office-bound.


Virtual Technology - the cloud!


What can I use it for?


Making you more efficient, with time and cost

Giving You  control



  • All of the above can be accessed from a:
  • smart phone
  • Any computer
  • Any Location


The Key

The key to getting technology working for you is integration.

Identify the key areas where you can use cloud technology, look at the central functions, the key factors and work out from there.

Then look at how these key areas can be integrated and work.

Keep it simple, don’t go bespoke unless you need to